About Us

The industry recognizes that we always honour our commitments to our Customers and provide our ship Owners/ Managers the flexibility they require. We value long-term working relationships with our Customers and continue to provide the required support at all times irrespective of any constraints or set back faced.

Who We Are

At Unipole Shipping Services we strive to achieve "optimization", the match of available resources with the needs of our organization in order to achieve established goals. Optimization consists in achieving desired results with minimum usage of the resources. In simple words we optimize everything we do, behavior, quality, coasts, energy, efforts but most importantly effectiveness.

Why We Are

Unipole Shipping Services is a seafarer's recuitment agency that offers a comprehensive range of high quality marine service. It applies maritime expertise to ensure a safe and efficient operation for the shipping sector and steps ahead in providing energy to the shipping world.

Our Service Quality

Unipole Shipping Services is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle any complex international shipping operations in view of exceeding the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships. We look to find the best solutions to any arena we are knocked to care for.

Crew Manning

Crew Manning Services

A capable team plays a particularly crucial role in the crewing segment. Our dedicated team can be relied not only to ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations on board a ship involving the entire crew from cadet to captain.
We understand the quality of officers and crew are of paramount inportance in managing vessels. We aim to have the lowest turnover rate possible. We have multinational in -house crew from India, Philippines, China, Myanmar, Indonesia.

Ship Management

Ship management Services

  • Technical Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Crew Management
  • Post Fixture
  • Ship Chandling

    Ship Chandler provide following services General Supplier for Fresh/ Frozen/ Hygiene/ in Package of Provisions &
    Bonded Stores, Engine Stores, Transit Stores, Navigation Store, Electric Equipments.


    We supply all kinds of Marine Requirements at inside of Port or Outside of Port maintaining products quality. Available Stores are- Deck Store, Engine Store, Electric Store, Provision, Safety Store, Stationary Store, Navigation Item, Marine Oil.


    Our spare items are varied with- Main Engine- B&W, Pielstick, Sulzer. Auxiliary Engine- Alco, B&W, Yanmar. Generator,Hydraulic Pump Purifier/Separator Spares, MAN B & W DIESEL Spare Parts, Air Compressor, Refrigerating Compressors, Heat Exchangers/Coolers


    Our Technical Team is always ready for Technical Services. We work for all kinds of repair job like- Engine Repair: Main Engine & Auxiliary Engine, Over Hauling & Repair, Automation and Installation; Crane Repair: Crane Repair with Experts, Boiler Repair, Compressor Repair; Motor Repair and Navigational Apparatus


    Export all types of Marine Engines, (B&W, Pielstick, Sulzer, Wartsila), Turbochargers, Compressor, Generator and Other Machineries.

    Freight Forwarder

    Unipole Shipping Services. was founded in 2018 by long-established and successful international freight forwarding entrepreneurs equipped with quality transportation and logistics concepts. A young and dynamic organization, Unipole Shipping Services possesses equally rich and unique resources in international freight forwarding and customs house brokerage services such as valuable logistlical solutions and the latest technological aids. The founders of Unipole Shipping Services felt there was a clear demand from shippers and consignees to be provided with freight forwarding services of the highest levels of industry standards. To this end, each has committed to the practice of totally ethical principles and the company's guarantee of reliable, honest and efficient freight forwarding.
    Every major port in the world, both air and ocean is serviced by our organization. Our main office, which is located in Chattagram is linked with exclusive freight forwarders in each country of the world.


    Office: Chairman Center(2nd Floor), House # 1, Road # 2, Gate # 09, Block # K
    Halishahar H/E, PC Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh.
    Telephone: +880 31 715 614
    Fax: +880 31 715 614
    Mobile: +880 1868 68 68 20
    Mobile: +880 1819 99 03 01
    Mobile: +880 1624 44 44 45
    Email: crewing@unipoleshipping.com
    Email: operation@unipoleshipping.com